Understanding Lavender Plants As A Gift Choice


When looking for unique or lasting gifts, many people overlook the benefits of things like flowering plants. They are long-lasting and can even enhance landscaping. Lavender plants produce delicate flowers that consist of many small purple florets with a thin stem. The fragrance is often associated with calming effects, and the flowers have an elegant beauty. Here are some of the things you should know about lavender before you decide to give it as a gift.

What Does Lavender Mean?

Every flower has been associated with something, which is often used to convey messages when they're chosen as gifts. For example, red roses are often used to indicate affection, love or romance. Ivy is traditionally gifted as a sign of friendship. Lavender's association has always been that of devotion and purity.

What Species Of Lavender Are There?

Lavender comes in many different species, with subtle differences in the types of flowers that each one produces. For example, a French lavender plant produces toothed leaves, and it's the most popular variety for using in scented products. Spike lavender, on the other hand, has tufted leaves. In addition, English lavender is another variety, which has narrow leaves. Since the fragrance can be different between them, you may want to smell each of your options before you make a choice.

What Are The Uses Of Lavender Leaves?

Lavender leaves can be used for many things, including things like dried, pressed flowers for decorations. In addition, you can create herbal teas by drying and crushing the leaves and combining them with other herbs. Lavender flowers can also be infused into liquids to create calming sprays.

What Tips Will Help With Transplanting?

When you purchase lavender plants as a gift in the hopes that they can be transplanted, you'll want to talk with someone at the nursery about the best plants for that. Most lavender plants need a warm environment with lots of sun to thrive. The plant is perennial, which means that it will bloom again every year. Most lavender plants flower in the early summer months and continue throughout the fall.

With the information here, you can better understand lavender plants as gifts, including their uses. If you've been looking for something unique that conveys a message not soon to be forgotten, a lavender plant may be just the gift for your situation. Talk with a local nursery, like Bob Williams Nursery Inc., about the best lavender plants for your situation so that you can get hardy plants that will transplant well. 


20 June 2016

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