2 Types Of Hydroponic Systems To Consider


A hydroponic garden is often one of the best ways to grow your own produce if you have limited land or are located in an urban area, mostly because the hydroponic garden does not need any soil to function. Instead of soil, hydroponic gardens will often have the plants resting on a bed of perlite or gravel while a nutrient solution is transferred to the root system of those plants via water. Listed below are two types of hydroponic systems to consider.


A wick system is one of the best hydroponic methods to consider if you are just starting to get into hydroponic gardening, mostly because it is quite inexpensive. The main reason for this is that you will not be using a pump system or any other mechanic methods to transfer the nutrient-filled water to the plant's root system. Instead, you will actually have a candle wick running from the roots of your plants down into the water.

The water will get the wick wet and transport the necessary nutrients to the plants along that wick. Now, the only real downside to this method is that it is not the most efficient means of creating a hydroponic garden as you are unable to reclaim any of the nutrients as you can with other methods, which means that you will need to buy more of the nutrient solution to add to the water. 

Ebb And Flow

Another option to consider when creating a hydroponic farm is an ebb and flow system. This method requires more money upfront to get started than a wick system as it utilizes two separate tanks for your setup and a pumping system. This process works by storing your plants in the upper tank and the nutrient-filled water in the bottom tank.

When the pump is turned on, the nutrient-rich water will be pumped out of the bottom tank in order to fill the upper tank and reach the roots of the plants in the upper tank to facilitate growth. Now, the main benefit to this method is that once the flooding process has been completed, the water and any nutrients that were not absorbed by the plants will be allowed to drain back into the lower tank. 

Visit your local gardening or agricultural store today in order to discuss the various methods of hydroponic gardening and to determine which approach would be most appropriate for you. Wick and ebb and flow hydroponic gardening systems are both great option that each provide their own unique set of benefits.


28 September 2016

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