Provide A Safe Place For Your Toddler To Play Outdoors


Add sod, playground equipment, and patio furniture to a fenced in portion of your home's property by completing the steps below. Once you have completed the project, your toddler will be provided with a safe place to play and you can enjoy watching them while relaxing inside of the enclosure.


  • rake
  • large shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • topsoil 
  • measuring tape
  • rolls of sod
  • water hose
  • swing set
  • lawn chairs
  • lounge chair
  • table
  • portable radio

Remove Rocks And Twigs And Level The Ground

Rake up small rocks and twigs. Place shovelfuls of debris in a wheelbarrow so that yard waste can be pushed to another part of your property. Add topsoil to any unlevel portions of the ground. Smooth out the surface of the ground with a rake or the back of a shovel. Measure the length and width of the property that is fenced in. Purchase rolls of sod that will fill the measured area and schedule a time to have them delivered to your home.

Add Sod And Water The Ground

Place one roll of sod in one of the corners of the fenced in section. Unroll the sod and press it against the ground by moving a rake firmly over its surface. Make sure that the first section of sod is straight before adding another section. Line up each unrolled sod piece as evenly as possible and press all of the pieces downwards so they are flush with the ground.

Water the sod so that the surface of each piece is damp. The underside of each sod piece will need to take hold in the ground. This may take several weeks. While you are waiting for the roots of each piece to establish themselves in the ground, make sure that the surface of the sod pieces are watered regularly.

Add Playground Equipment And Furniture

Install a swingset, tire swing, and slide in the backyard. Place several balls on the grass and set up a goal that your child can kick or throw the balls into. Add space between each piece of playground equipment so that your child will have plenty of room to play while using the equipment. Set up some lawn chairs, a lounge chair, and table in a central part of the yard. Set a portable radio on the table. While your child is outdoors enjoying themselves, you can relax in a chair while listening to some of your favorite songs. Click here to read more about sod.


29 December 2016

Exploring Seed Types and Growth

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