4 Tips For Starting A Wildflower Garden


If you have a large area in your backyard for planting, you can start a wildflower garden. This will include flowers that provide a natural appearance to your yard, with a plethora of colors. They also attract insects and flying creatures that provide an amazing experience every time you walk outside. Here are some tips for starting a wildflower garden: Plant in the Spring, but Prepare in the Fall The best time to plant a wildflower garden is in the spring, which gives them plenty of time to set their seed and become established.

16 December 2014

Farm Safety And Propane--All Your Burning Questions Answered


Around the farm, there are many uses for propane gas, from grain drying to equipment fueling to building heating. A 2014 study by the Propane Education & Research Council shows that 40 percent of farms in the US use propane in one way or another. And farmers are continuing to find new ways to use it. With the growing popularity of propane as a source of fuel, it makes sense to educate those who use it--particularly those in the agricultural industry--regarding its basic properties and safety protocols.

11 December 2014